Strength and Conditioning Takeaways for This Week: 21-27 August 2017

Week two of notable takeaways from this week in strength and conditioning! Let me know your thoughts or anything noteworthy you’ve taken from this week.

  1. Training with Plyometrics

    I’ve been making my way through High Powered Plyometrics by Jim Radcliffe and Bob Farentinos this week, it’s been filled with brilliant content and I highly recommend it to anyone out there looking to upskill their theoretical and applied knowledge on plyometrics.

    This book is filled with so many important takeaways I won’t go through them all here, however one of the interesting points was in regards to barefoot training. Because the feet and ankles have got more bones, joints, and small muscles than anywhere else in the body, using movements in a variety of directions aids in recovery and improved developmental capacity. Furthermore, proper foot and ankle positioning for ground preparation is easier when the toes are exposed, the bottom of the foot is developed and massaged simultaneously, and research suggests a therapeutic effect known as ‘earthing’ occurs when barefoot training is performed on grass or dirt.

  2. Treat Each Repetition as Its Own Set

    I posted a video to Facebook about this topic earlier in the week. What I mean by this statement is a lot of athletes and coaches allow reps to be rushed without pausing and re-setting between reps to ensure tension and quality be held throughout the movement. For example, if you are working at sets of 5 on deadlift, think about doing 5 sets of 1, rather than 1 set of 5. This way you’ll be able to take your time between reps, reset tension throughout the entire kinetic chain, and crush another rep with exquisite form! Remember, quality is greater than quantity!

  3. Notable Resources for the Week

    Rugby Strength Coach Podcast: Oakland A’s “Moneyball” Strength Coach, Bob AlejoThis was a fantastic and insightful listen from current NC State Assistant Athletic Director and Director of Strength and Conditioning, Bob Alejo. Bob was also the strength and conditioning coach with the Oakland A’s during the moneyball era, and has a great S&C mind.

    Just Fly Performance Podcast: Speed Training with Tony Holler
    For those looking to get a view of track coaching from a different angle, this is a must listen. Track is not my background personally, however most people think of track as throwing up, getting shin splints, and high intensity lactate workouts. Tony’s philosophy is nothing as such.

    How Strong Do Athletes Need to Be?
    This was an interesting article to write, and in conjunction through a discussion with some friends, the levels of strength required to perform optimally may be a lifelong athletic journey.

Let me know what you thought of this article, share it with friends and comment below!

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