Strength and Conditioning Takeaways for This Week: 28 Aug – 3 Sep 2017

There’s been some great content floating around this week in the world of sports science and strength and conditioning. Here’s some of my notable takeaways.

1. Plyometric Progressions
In my last post I mentioned I’d been going through ‘High Powered Plyometrics.’ This week saw me get on to the applied section of the book, talking about the plyometric progressions. This section was extremely useful, and I plan to start adding in far more pogo and galloping progressions in to my programming for most of my athletes, especially for those working on building the tissue qualities necessary for later, more complex, plyometric exercises.

2. Sacrifice for the Profession
This week I’ve made a start on Ron McKeefery’s book ‘CEO Strength Coach.’ Over the first few chapters it’s really highlighted to me the level of sacrifice required to make it to the ‘top level’ of pro sport, but also brought to my attention how much I have sacrificed myself so far on this journey.
Sacrifices from a family, friends, and financial point of view sometimes have to be made, but at the same time, don’t get so caught up that you miss out on other important areas of your life, because it’s not going to be here forever.

3. Notable Resources for the Week

Nick Littlehales on Optimizing Sleep to Maximize Performance
This podcast really changed the way I think about sleeping, and the next step for me is to buy Nick’s book and read a little more in depth on the topic. My key takeaway is to think of your sleep in 90 minute cycles, rather than aiming for 8 hours every night which may not always be possible.

Dan Pfaff – What’s Important and What Transfers
Dan is a great mind within the strength and conditioning community, and this podcast has definitely provoked me to ‘think differently’ when it comes to training athletes, especially in the fact that Dan has coached many athletes to elite performance without having them in the weight room.

Dan John has some brilliant work which I would encourage everyone to check out. This is another great article from him discussing the reasons as to why everyone needs to “wake up their glutes.”

Cannibalizing Our Own: How Fear, Ego, and Insecurity Are Eroding Opportunities for Strength and Conditioning Coaches
Brett Bartholomew has put together this great article on the strength and conditioning profession, and how bad mouthing other professionals to ‘get ahead’ in this industry and fuel your own ego has become far to frequent. This is a must read for everyone.


Let me know what you thought of this article, share it with friends and comment below.

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