Strength and Conditioning Takeaways for This Week – 3-9 September 2017

Another busy week of strength and conditioning is about to kick off tomorrow. Here are some important takeaways from the week that was.

1. Over-Coaching
This week reiterated to me how important ‘less’ coaching cues can be for certain athletes whereby, provided they aren’t doing something dangerously bad, I will let them perform most of a set slightly incorrectly, and then give them feedback as to how that given set felt etc. and what they need to improve on.
This approach has worked tremendously well because the athlete understands how different a given exercise feels with and without the subtle mistake, and they aren’t suffering from the information overload that quite often occurs from all the technical aspects that come from many of the big compound movements.

2. The ACL Epidemic
I came across yet another young athlete (aged 20) this week who recently had surgery for an ACL tear, and it’s sad to see so many young athletes trying to recover from such a devastating injury.
Around 72% of ACL injuries occur from a non-contact scenario, usually from attempting to decelerate, change direction, landing from a jump, or a combination. This means that 72% of all ACL injuries CAN be prevented by simply participating in a proper physical preparation program. Now, there will always be the outliers who’ve got various issues causing them to be at higher risk for an ACL tear, BUT the majority can be prevented by just training properly in the first place and taking physical preparation seriously.

3. Notable Resources for the Week

Episode #996 with Dr. Andy Galpin
This podcast with Dr. Galpin and Joe Rogan is awesome, some great thoughts and arguments were put forward on a variety of topics related to maximising sports performance. I highly recommend you give it a listen.

Episode #994 with Dom D’Agostino
Another Joe Rogan episode, this one relating to all thing Ketosis with Dom D’Agostino. This podcast talks all things keto and using the diet, and slight variations of the diet, to improve sports performance, prevent disease, and fight disease. I’ve always been for using carbohydrates when it comes to maximising performance, but Dom puts forward some compelling arguments for the low carb, high fat approach.

Rugby Strength Coach Podcast with Brett Bartholomew
Brett talks all about his journey in to strength and conditioning, and the importance of having a life away from just being in the gym and coaching 24/7. I’ve been that guy who thought I needed to be reading or podcasting in every spare moment I had if I was to be a good coach, but Brett absolutely crushes it and shows that there is more to life than your profession.



Dai B, Herman D, Liu H, Garrett WE, Yu B. Prevention of ACL injury, part I: injury characteristics, risk factors, and loading mechanism. Research in sports medicine. 2012 Jul 1;20(3-4):180-97.



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