Strength and Conditioning Takeaways for This Week – 10-16 September 2017

There’s been plenty of podcasts and articles getting around this week with heaps of great strength and conditioning content. Here’s some of my takeaways from the week just gone!

1. All Exercise Modalities Come Back to the Individual
Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with different squat variations to find the best one to suit me. I’ve been working on high bar and front squats for the past 6 months, however looking at some recent footage of my own technique, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t keep my weight centred optimally over the midline of my foot. I have been squatting in weightlifting shoes which have a slight heel raise, and to reach depth on these shoes, once I get below the parallel position my weight just shifts forward over my toes.

READ: Box Squats Beat Full Depth Squats for Athletic Performance

2. Be in it For the Long Haul, Not the Quick Fix
Just the other day I was reading an article on Tony Gentilcore’s site and it really struck me. Part of it goes like this;

Would you rather me a) put one cent in your back account, then double it each month for the next 3 years? Or b) pay you 1 million dollars right now, no strings attached? You have 5 seconds to give me an answer.
There is no right or wrong answer, just what you would prefer to do. If you chose the answer b, then you’re probably like most of the humans on this planet and looking for some instant gratification and quick fixes. Health, fitness, and performance are not like that, they require you to invest time, money, and patience, as well as working your butt off to reach the goal.
Now let me show you the math as to why investing three years of your life may be the better option as compared to the ‘quick fix’.

Year One: After the first year, you will finish with a whopping $20.48. Not much return for such a long time working, and I bet you’re wishing you took the 1mil straight up.
Year Two: You’re starting to gain some traction, but still nowhere near that juicy one million dollars that was hanging if front of your nose two years ago. Bank balance: $83,886.08.
Year Three: You’ve been grinding away for the last two years and all the hard work has gotten you seeing a result! Bank Balance: $343,597,383.68.

There you have it, putting in the time and effort whilst having the patience DOES show reward at the end of the line. Don’t be that person looking for the magic pill, it never works long term.

3. Notable Resources for the Week

In Defense of the Hip Thrust
Recent data coming out shows the use of the beloved hip thrust does not transfer to sprinting as once thought. Although the findings aren’t super surprising, Eric Cressey breaks down the reasons why you should consider keeping hip thrusts a part of your programming.

Just Fly Performance Podcast with Cameron Josse
It’s all well and good being strong in the weight room, but if that force doesn’t transfer then what’s the point? Cameron breaks down some alternate methods he uses to develop speed and maintain/build strength for his athletes, specifically on the topic of heavy sled sprints.

Your Stools Reveal Whether You Can Lose Weight
This article is interesting in a different kind of way. Using a sample of your faeces can reveal which type of diet will work best for you to lose body fat, and all this comes back to the health and bacteria in the gut. I myself have only recently started realising the importance of gut health and how it effects so many processes within the body, this really is an interesting area of research for the future!


Let me know what you thought of this article, share it with friends and comment below.

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