Detraining – My Personal Experience

Detraining is a painful thing. You work extremely hard in training to be in the best physical shape possible, and it can all be taken away thanks to a major injury, illness, or taking a break during a holiday.

My sporting background consisted of playing cricket each summer, then over the winter I would train to be strong, powerful, and fast, whilst continually working on my bowling technique.

At the start of the season a few years ago, I got injured with tendinopathy in my left knee, obviously now I know why, but back then I had no idea how or why it occurred. Anyway, I played the whole season with tendinopathy in that knee because the physio’s I was seeing told me too. I had to “continually load it or it would heal up and be weak.”

Well the thing is, it never healed up whilst I was playing. So, I quit altogether at the end of that season and took an extended break in the hope that it would heal – And it did!! 8 months later…

During those 8 months, I worked in the gym to get some load in my knee, get strong, and eventually return to cricket a season and a half later. I was in the best shape of my life – strong, lean, powerful, and playing the best I had played.

Then over the pre-season, I once again took my strength and power levels to new heights, and was prepared to take one step further in my cricket and be even better than the season before. However, due to unforeseen work circumstances I struggled with my bowling loads and spent much of the season battling injury – definitely not what I had planned…

During that season, I lost around 15kg on my back squat – about 10% of my overall squat strength. And once the off-season came around it took a lot of training and hard work just to get myself back to where I was beforehand, the whole off- and pre-season to be exact!

Injuries in sports are unavoidable at times. However, we can minimise the risk with proper physical preparation. A structured training program that is well adhered to will produce sound results that may just save a major injury, and time out of competition. Remember – the best sporting ability is availability. If you aren’t available to play, you’re no use to the team.


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