Two Exercises to Improve Your Jumping

The ability to produce force in to the ground is vital for athletes, putting more force in to the ground will improve jump height, sprint speed, tackling ability, the ability to break tackles, and changing direction.

Once we’ve developed that base level of strength required to produce adequate levels of force, we need to focus mainly on the ability to produce that force quickly by improving the rate of force development.

If we’re specifically looking to jump higher, training all points along the force-velocity curve is important. However, two of my favourite loaded jumping exercises are the barbell squat jump and jump shrug. Nailing these will see you make massive gains in your ability to jump high! Watch the video’s below for an overview on how to do them.

1. Barbell Squat Jump

The barbell squat jump is a simple and easy to learn ballistic exercise. It’s an easy way to overload the jumping movement, and can produce large vertical jump gains when programmed appropriately.

2. Jump Shrug

The jump shrug is a progression towards performing a hang power clean, and I love it because, like the squat jump, it’s easy to learn, and can yield some fantastic results in jumping ability.

Make sure you don’t perform these exercises with high volume, or to fatigue. The quality you produce with these exercises far outweighs the quantity in which you perform them. Try doing 2-4 sets of 2-5 reps.

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