I’m James Westhorpe, a strength & conditioning coach who currently resides in Geelong, Australia.

My passion for physical performance started as a young cricketer as I would try to find any avenue I could to increase my performance on the field. I found myself reading articles on anything and everything I could find to do with sports performance, I went to the gym and the field and implemented everything I learnt the best way I knew how.

Once I finished high school I was still unsure of what I really wanted to do but undertook an exercise science degree with Deakin University purely because I was interested in sport performance. The first year of the degree was very general, but the further I went through the more I loved learning about exercise physiology and how it applied to training. After I completed my undergraduate degree in 2014 I undertook a Master’s degree in Exercise Science with Edith Cowan University which I found extremely valuable in teaching me both theory and application of various topics related to strength & conditioning. But this doesn’t come close to the opportunity it gave me to meet various professionals in the field from all over the world!

For work over the first couple of years I started in 2013 at various commercial gyms training members of the public. As I grew more interested in sports performance I looked at taking it more towards what I was interested in, and that was training athletes (whether it be amateur, semi-pro, or professional, I didn’t really care). So in early 2015 I took part in the Woodford Sports Science Consulting internship and later stayed on as a Performance Coach there until late 2016.

Currently I am a strength and conditioning coach for the Simon Black Football Academy, Geelong Grammar School, and working with individuals and small groups out of a private facility. I am also a high performance manager for the Newtown & Chilwell Football Club who are part of the Geelong Football League.